Salvete Omnes! Hop upon your gallant steed and find the path to Rome as Seascape’s greatest historic epic takes the stage for a second season! All roads lead to Seascape, as Scape Forum Season 2 is now ready and waiting on ETH and BSC!

From today until November 23rd, users can take their valiant soldiers and crush them into soldiers ever more valiant! As always, users will be able to combine Scapes, this time to mint Gen-1, higher quality Scapes! Stake up to 1000 CWS to guarantee higher quality Scapes that you can use to your heart’s delight in other…

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Users who are in the know are likely aware of the excellent session we just had with The AMA session started with xiaohan zhu introducing himself to the community with amazing portfolios and accomplishments, xiaohan zhu CEO as stated in the AMA session started in 2018 with co-founders and has been focusing on building on the project since then. He went on to describe the aim of and the future it is bringing to blockchain networks. Furthermore, to talk extensively about the processing of this project and the validity of the network.

Highlights from some of…

It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to rake in the rewards! And this time, Seascape is joined by our brand new friends over at For those who aren’t familiar, Solarbeam is a DEX on Moonriver which harnesses the power of the Moonriver parachain to provide a safe and smooth experience. And now they are teaming up with Seascape to bring you more ways to earn!

You can head over to their farms to stake your way into some mega earning action. Users currently have 3 ways to earn — three separate RIB pools that each offer…

Seascape is taking you on a second trip around the moon in Profit Circus Season 2. In it, users can stake liquidity tokens to get excellent play-to-earn rewards. Users can go add liquidity over on SeaDex right now!

In this brand new season of Profit Circus we are back on Moonriver, and waiting for your LP tokens! Players can look forward to 30k CWS in rewards, with some of the best APR in the DeFi world. Play for your chance to get your hands on Generation 1 Scapes, with a free common Scape shipped straight to your wallet after staking…

Consistently ranking among the top DeFi games around, NFT Brawl is a smash hit among crypto enthusiasts. And as of today, NFT Brawl is open for business on Moonriver! In it, users stake tokens in exchange for Scapes, Seascape’s original NFT series. These Scapes can then be traded or exchanged on top DEXes, or used in more upcoming Seascape games.

Originally available on BSC and ETH, NFT Brawl is breaking new waves on Moonriver! Seascape is bringing NFTs to Moonriver, with the first ever series of NFTs launching on the celestial chain! This is your chance to get ahead of…

Seascape is proud to announce a brand new partnership that’s helping take us to the next level. Introducing Meter, the high performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks. It will link the Moonriver parachain and Kusama to various major chains, allowing assets to flow freely between them.

Using their technology, now users can bridge their Crowns seamlessly from Ethereum to Moonriver, allowing Seascape games to be used easily among the chains. The modern crypto world is rapidly shifting from a single, isolated blockchain local network architecture to a network of interconnected blockchains…

Throughout the month of August, Seascape Network has been on fire! It’s been an extremely exciting month, so we wanted to take a moment to look back at everything we’ve done and thank our amazing fans without whom none of this would be possible!


Starting us off was the conclusion of Staking Saloon Season 2, which concluded with $150k worth of CWS in rewards distributed across all chains! This month also saw the release of NFT Brawl Season 3, with 20K CWS available in leaderboard rewards. …

Seascape Network, the gaming platform that is revolutionizing the way you play the games you love, is changing the game yet again by being among the first to launch on Moonriver! Moonriver is a companion network to Moonbeam and provides a permanently incentivized canary network. Users can now go add liquidity right now!

And now, Seascape’s very own Profit Circus is up and running with its very season on Moonriver, and waiting for your LP tokens! Hold onto your rockets, because Seascape is giving away 1000 IN MOVR REWARDS! These tokens are as valuable as they are rare, and here’s…

If you are one of the cool kids getting in on the Moonriver game, then you have got to get in on its very first DEX, SeaDex! This guide will let you in on how to take part in Moonriver’s first and only Dex with a focus on NFTs and gaming.

Step 1: Get your hands on MOVR!

Moonriver, for those who are not aware, is a Kusama parachain that supports Ethereum dApps by providing a full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation. MOVR is its utility token and necessary for many transactions throughout the network.

First head over to Kucoin

Imagine a world in which the free exchange of information between and among all blockchains could be realized with a few clicks of a mouse. A world in which gas fees are no longer the prohibitive barriers to growth in the various blockchain related fields. A world in which blockchain technology allows multiple fields to interact with each other with ease. That world is no mere fantasy. It’s the world of today!

As we alluded to all the way back in March 2021, Seascape is taking blockchain gaming to the moon with Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot

Seascape Network

Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!

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