Moonscape Patch Report #3

  • Fixed Rover skills calculations (attack, durability, speed, etc).
  • Fixed the bug that caused the building to get stuck when the player reaches level 10 in any Rover Skill.
  • Fixed a bug causing an error when the rover is destroyed after a city attack.
  • Multiple text fixes and changes. Please be aware that HP for Rovers is now called “Durability.”
  • Expanded the area of the yellow icon prompt around cities or resource points.
  • The base of buildings will highlight when you hover the mouse pointer on the selection area.
  • Added wallet prompt to change network if the correct one is not selected.
  • Join Telegram: Click the Telegram icon inside the game to join the private TG Group for testers and have direct contact with the dev team to give feedback on potential bugs.
  • Send Feedback: Click on this form and let us know your opinion about Moonscape Early Access!



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