Scape Forum is now Live on Moonriver!

Salvete Omnes! It’s time to follow the river down to Rome! As Scape Forum is now live on its first season on Moonriver! The world’s greatest DeFi games are blasting back onto the blockchain, enriching the world of gamefi for players across the world! You don’t want to miss out on this brand new season.

For the next 60 days, users can take their valiant soldiers and combine them into even more powerful soldiers! As always, users will be able to combine Scapes, this time to mint Gen-1, higher quality Scapes!

Seasonal Notes:

  • This season has two special characters: Trixie, and Placidus. The reason for Trixie is because she’s the character for our specialty pool over on Staking Saloon! You’ll want to make sure you can get your hands on her immediately!

Stake up to 1000 CWS when you stake special combinations to guarantee generation 0 special seasonal Scapes that you can use to your heart’s delight in other Seascape NFT games.

This season is about to conquer foreign lands and leave its mark on history! For 60 days, players can burn new and potentially improved super soldiers for the Roman Army! Make sure to get in on the action today, and get your hands on some of the most groundbreaking NFTs in the DeFi space. Check out our full walkthrough guide on how you can mint brand new high quality Generation 1 Scapes, get your hands on missing Scapes to complete combos, much, much more!

Your Game, Your Rules

Enjoy the Seascape

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