Seascape’s Vision for the Future of Blockchain Gaming!

The Seascape Network is the young upstart DeFi project that’s gotten attention from many of the top players in the business. But what exactly is Seascape’s vision for itself? How does Seascape see its future? And why are hodlers going gaga over Crowns?

The Vision for Seascape can be summed up simply: An incentivized ecosystem consisting of gamers, developers, and influencers. Seascape’s mission is to redirect the goals of gamification inwards, so that people who love games — making, playing, or promoting them — are incentivized financially for their effort. This is borne out in a number of ways. Initially, Seascape is adapting the already highly popular DeFi mechanisms that have made their way around the Cryptosphere, such as LP staking and mining, into simple but high quality games. This lowers the barrier to entry and streamlines the process, all the while galvanizing players to the border between DeFi and traditional gaming. Furthermore, Seascape incorporates the rapidly growing world of NFTs into its ecosystem, turning them from simple collectibles into true financial assets.

Seascape is using the latest in blockchain technology to offer scalability, affordability, and speed. While currently available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, Seascape is developing a partnership with Moonbeam and will expand its reach to new Polkadot users and markets with a multi-chain approach. The expansion to Substrate will begin in late 2021 and will initially include such things as a new random number generator, which will offer a unique decentralized product for other dApp developers in the Polkadot ecosystem. Seascape will also release a host of other games, both developed in house as well as with other partnerships with studios across the globe. All projects associated with Seascape will use Crowns as the core token for value transfer.

In this way, Seascape aims to become like the Steam of the blockchain world. They provide products that the general public can use immediately, and that are comprehensible at a basic level. They are working to provide a clear and well-documented set of SDKs to give game developers the chance to tokenize their projects in a much clearer and easier way than anything that is currently available.

Seascape is an in-game economy technology partner first and foremost. Even now, as they prepare to release their third modular DeFi game, based around NFT staking, Seascape is laying the groundwork for a future empire of incentivized gaming for all.

By keeping focus on the task of making games and their economies more accessible to everyone, Seascape is sticking to their core values and continuing development at a steady pace. They will continue improving their existing game titles, releasing new ones with impressive speed, and forging partnerships with other studios, meanwhile developing and improving their client and launcher solutions. They are bringing the true value of DeFi to a new and hungry population, unleashing a new world of gaming that the world has never seen before.

Join the movement of thousands of enthusiasts and fans in the making of history. Join Seascape.

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Enjoy the Seascape.

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Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies!